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Thread: 2002 parts

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    2002 parts

    Local only at this point, none of this junk's worth shipping!

    Tons of M10 parts- blocks, cranks, heads, all those brackets,
    covers, oil pans, rods... $5 to $25

    Doors, hoods, trunks, (no fenders, I fear) $25 at most
    a bunch of 2bbl intakes ($20),
    stock exhaust manifolds, some 1bbl stuff, ($.02)
    2 million CV shafts, ($5)
    subframes both front and rear, ($20)
    trailing arms of the standard 2002 variety, ($5)
    standard struts for days, ($10)
    core rebuildable brake calipers by the dozen, ($.02 again)
    rear brake parts by the gallon, ($5 a side)
    glass (except, oddly, no windshields) ($10)
    a couple of open 3.64 diffs, ($20)
    a complete 'ran when chopped' motor with carb, ($150) guaranteed to be an M10

    and a bunch more stuff that I forgot about.

    RacerY comcast net

    or text too o sicks nine too oh for oh nine o (sound it out!)

    Pix may come later tonight, but they'll just show that I'm troubled.

    Did I mention I'm not shipping? I'm not!



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    I left my camera at the shop-- d'oh.

    Springs for days, 228mm flywheels ($15)
    a complete exhaust system with Ansa muffler and tailpipe ($30)
    another engine ($100)
    some carbs ($40 dgv's, mostly)
    camshafts ($10)
    2 gallons of rocker arms,
    it just keeps going and going and going...


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    Can you ship to... hehe kidding.

    I've passed this info onto my brother who has an '02 and may be interested.

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