Listed below are several requirements to help drivers prepare for our events. Upon confirmation to any of our driving events drivers will receive a confirmation email with explicit details for that event. Items not covered here will be covered in this email.

Club Membership

A current, valid membership in the BMW CCA is required for participation in club driving events.


Car Control Clinics
Convertibles are allowed at Car Control Clinics.
High-Performance Driving Schools
In the interest in the safety of our students and instructors, convertibles are not allowed at our High Performance Driving Events. There are local Clubs that do allow convertibles and will honor your BMW CCA membership. Please contact the Driving Events Chair for help finding a venue to drive your convertible.

Car Technical Inspection

Car Control Clinics
Tech Inspections are not required for Car Control Clinics
High-Performance Driving Schools
A technical inspection will be required for every driver’s car in advance of a track event. This inspection consists of a thorough examination of the driver’s car by a qualified ASE certified mechanic. Inspections focus on engine compartment condition, brakes, tires, suspension, steering, etc., in an attempt to ensure that cars have adequate systems before they are driven on the track. This driving activity and the speeds being driven dictate that drivers cannot afford to be casual with the safety of their car. To ensure the safety of all our participants, we must insist on a proper safety inspection being carried out by a qualified individual. This is for the drivers benefit and safety as well as for the safety of other drivers on the track.

Tech Forms

Upon being confirmed for EACH event, a confirmation packet will be sent out that will include a link to the Tech Inspection form. All technical inspection forms must be completed in their entirety and clearly signed and stamped by a certified ASE mechanic at a known and reputable shop.

  • Just one (1) annual tech inspection required, student must bring a copy of the inspection with them to each track event with club.
  • For shops, which do not use a stamp, drivers must attach a copy of the receipt for work completed.
  • Technical inspections will not be performed at the track.
  • Drivers checking in without a tech sheet at the track – means no track time, no exceptions.
  • The following shops have offered to provide this technical inspection for a reduced rate of $35 for our club members. Although this is not an extensive list of shops covering all the area in which our drivers reside, we hope this offers some assistance. These shops are not mandatory, if you have another choice of shop please continue to use them as long as they are ASE certified.

    Discounted Technical Inspections provided by:

    • Auburn Foreign Car – Auburn (253) 833-8161
    • Boyles Foreign Car – Lakewood (253) 588-8669
    • Bristow’s Automotive – Tacoma (253) 471-1663
    • BMW Seattle – Seattle (206) 328-2300
    • Car Tender – Seattle (206) 324-0345
    • Eastside Bavarian – Issaquah (425) 391-1990
    • European Auto Clinic – Federal Way (253) 874-3870
    • Group 2 Motorsport – Seattle (206) 378-0900
    • Haury’s Autobody – Seattle (206) 365-1565
    • KD Motorsports – (425) 351-6401
    • Olympic Automotive – Lynnwood (425) 742-1355
    • Rolling Bay Automotive – Rolling Bay, WA (206) 842-7678
    • Strictly BMW – Bellevue (425) 747-6044


Car Control Clinics
Helmets are not required for Car Control Clinics.
High-Performance Driving Schools
Helmets are required for High-Performance Driving Schools

Current helmet requirements for CCA events require Snell ratings of 2005 or 2010. No earlier models will be accepted. Snell 2005 helmets will be acceptable through 2016. Motorcycle helmets are also acceptable as long as the M rating conforms to the Snell rating for the appropriate period.

When shopping for a new helmet we recommend drivers try helmets on prior to purchasing. Although catalog and Internet shopping are great resources for compiling information about helmets, it is not always the best way to purchase. All helmets, even those from the same manufacturer, can fit differently. Just sending in measurements will not guarantee a helmet will fit you correctly.

There are several local shops where drivers can shop for a helmet and gather some great hands on advice. Below are a few:

Driver Qualifications

Age of drivers (and passengers where applicable)
  • Minimum age is 18 for HDPE events.
  • Minimum age is 16 for CCC events.
All drivers and instructors shall have a full operators (drivers) license that shall not be suspended or revoked.