Recommended Reading

Are you interested in learning even more about high-performance driving? Karl Seeger has compiled a list of books we’ve enjoyed, listed below alphabetically by author. Although almost all of them deal with racing technique, most of the material can transfer directly to what we teach at our driving schools.

Don’t know where to start your collection? 
The “must have” books are listed with an  in front of the title.


1_Winning_ARaceDriversHandbook_40px Winning, A Race Driver’s Handbook

George A Anderson (1993) ISBN 0-87938-776-9 Motorbooks International

Not so much driving technique but how to start SCCA racing.


2_SpeedSecrets_Cvr_40px ♦ SpeedSecrets, Professional Race Driving Techniques

Ross Bentley (1998) ISBN 0-7603-0518-8 MBI Publishing

Great book on basic technique.


3_InnerSpeedSecrets_Cvr_40px Inner SpeedSecrets, Mental Strategies to Maximize Your Racing Performance

 Ross Bentley and Ronn Langford (2000) ISBN 0-7603-0834-9 MBI Publishing


4_SpeedSecrets2_40px Speed Secrets 2, More Professional Race Driving Techniques

Ross Bentley (2003) ISBN 0-7603-1510-8 MBI Publishing

In this book Ross keys in on teaching and coaching skills, you need to read his first book before reading this one!


5_BobBondurantOnHighPerformanceDriving_Cvr40px Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving

Bob Bondurant with John Blakemore (1982) ISBN 0-87938-158-2 Motorbooks International

Good basic technique book and examples of actual tire contact patches.


6_ATwistOfTheWrist_Cvr_40px A Twist of the Wrist, The Motorcycle Road Racers Handbook

Keith Code (1983) ISBN 0-918226-08-2 Acrobat Books

Great book about visual skills and technique.


7_SportsCarandCompetitionDriving_Cvr_40px ♦ Sports Car and Competition Driving

Paul Frere (1963) ISBN 0-8376-0034-0 Robert Bentley

Very technical and if you like math this is the book for you!


8_TheRacingDriver_Cvr_40px The Racing Driver, The Theory and Practice of Fast Driving

Denis Jenkinson (1959) ISBN 0-8376-0201-7 Bentley Publishers

Very old “English” style book but full of good driving tidbits and history. This is where the term “10/10ths” came from!


9_TheArtandScienceofGrandPrixDriving_Cvr_40px The Art and Science of Grand Prix Driving

Niki Lauda (1977) ISBN 0-87938-049-7 Motorbooks International

Some technique here but mostly Niki’s opinions on how to win Grand Prix’s.


10_GoingFaster_Cvr_40px Going Faster, Mastering the Art of Race Driving, The Skip Barber Racing School

Carl Lopez (1997) ISBN 0-8376-0227-0 Bentley Publishers

Good book with a review of in-car data logging.


11_AyrtonSenna'sPrinciplesofRaceDriving_Cvr_40px Ayrton Senna’s Principles of Race Driving

Ayrton Senna (1993) ISBN 1-874557-40-3 Hazleton Publishing

Good book on technique. There is a great section on personal exercise routines Ayton used to keep in shape.


12_PreparetoWin_Cvr_40px Prepare to Win, The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Professional Race Car Preparation

Carroll Smith (1975) Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 75-1565 Aero Publishers


13_TunetoWin_Cvr_40px Tune to Win, The Art and Science of Race Car Development and Tuning

Carroll Smith (1978) Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 78-73549 Aero Publishers


14_EngineertoWin_Cvr_40px Engineer to Win, The Essential Guide to Racing Car Materials Technology or How to Build Winners which Don’t Break

Carroll Smith (1984) ISBN 0-87938-186-8 MBI Publishing


(The last three books are the BIBLES for race car preparation and understanding the dynamics of race car handling, tuning and building!)


15_DrivetoWin_Cvr_40pxDrive to Win, the Essential Guide to Race Driving

Carroll Smith (1996) ISBN 0-9651600-0-9 Carroll Smith Consulting

Carroll’s swing on driver/engineer interaction. Some technique and the other stuff needed to go professionally racing.


16_TheTechniqueofMotorRacing_Cvr_40px The Technique of Motor Racing

Pierro Taruffi (1959) ISBN 0837602289 Bentley Publishers

The forward is by Juan Manuel Fangio! It’s sort of the original race driver’s how-to book.

17_SecretsofSoloRacing_Cvr_40px ♦
 Secrets of Solo Racing, Expert Techniques for Autocross & Time Trials

Henry A. Watts (1989) ISBN 0-9620573-1-2 Loki Publishing

Good technique book, lots of examples (people steal from this book all the time).