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A line of shiny Bimmers cruising through the Cascades on a BMW Club driving tour.You already know the joy of driving your BMW.  Take some curvy roads, stunning scenery, and a few good friends and you’ve got the makings of a Puget Sound Region Tour.  Whether it be mountains, the peninsula or the desert, we’ve got great destinations in all directions.

While we encourage participation in our High Performance Driving Schools, no special skills or equipment are necessary to participate in a tour.  The only requirement is that you be a BMWCCA member.  Solo drivers are welcome, or bring the whole family.  Either way, being a part of a long line of beautiful Bimmers is a memorable experience.

Typical Club tours will have 25 to 30 BMWs, from Z3 roadsters to big 7s, daily drivers, garage queens, and everything in between.  Some tours will be shorter and local, ending around noon with lunch at a local restaurant.  Some will be longer all day events.  We’ll try to have at least one tour this year as an overnighter.

All tours are driven on public roads, minding local traffic laws.  We focus on safety, but always make an effort to find little-known twisty roads that are enjoyable at any speed.

Go ahead and enjoy all the wonderful scenery along the way, but the best part might be meeting like minded BMW enthusiasts of all kinds.  Taking a break alongside the road, you’ll find someone to talk with that shares your love of fine German engineering.

Look for details on upcoming Tours in the Zundfolge, Around the Sound, and check for updates in the Club Events section of

Contact for more information on Tours:

Ed Walker
Tour Coordinator

Tour Governance Policy and Waiver Form

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