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: The Editor-in-Chief gets to know his new M2 under the best possible circumstances: in heavy rain. Low friction surfaces force the driver to be smooth with all inputs and are an opportunity to be cherished. Photo by Christian Bouchez

Motorsports Column  

Hey Drivers, there are three more track days left: July 14 and August 25 at Pacific Raceways, and September 30 at the Ridge Motorsport Complex. Put these dates on your calendar! Do you want to see how your call will handle? Then come to the Car Control Clinic. You will get a chance to experience […]

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BMW E9s on Tour

E9 SIG Now Adding E3s

The E9 Special Interest Group, the classic BMW coupes from 1968-1975 have decided to add the E3s, the big four-door cars of the same era. The models are typically thought of as Bavarias in the U.S. but include the 2500, 2800, 3.0S/Si, 3.3Si, 3.0L and 3.3L/Li. This is a great group. They do several group […]

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Award Winners

Two of our BMW CCA Puget Sound Region club members have received National awards! Lance Richert Lance Richert is the first Puget Sound Region Chapter recipient of a National BMW CCA award for Outstanding Volunteers. Lance has founded and organized several events that have grown to be annual staples on the chapter calendar. These include Burgers […]

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2017 BC Road Tour

We’re heading north to the border this August! The British Columbia BMW Club is opening up a limited number of slots to join them on their road tour to eastern BC, August 25-27. We’ll drive to Langley, BC and spend Friday night there, starting the tour first thing Saturday morning. From Langley we’ll head north […]

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Membership Information Assistance!

As an ongoing effort to clear up some of the issues we have been having with getting your copies of the Zündfolge to you, I want you to check your membership settings. Here is a simple step-by-step set of instructions on how to do this: Go to Login to your account Click on “Manage […]

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Christiane Helbig at her first Car Control Clinic

A First-Timers Thoughts on Attending a Car Control Clinic

Thoughts on Attending a Car Control Clinic My husband had attended a Car Control Clinic last summer with his 1 Series BMW. He thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended that I go do it, too. He thought it would be great for me to learn about how the car handles, what its limits are and gain […]

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Drivers, it’s Time to Head to the Track! HPDE-CCC Track Day May 12, 2017

Drivers, it is time to head to the track! HPDE-CCC Track Day May 12, 2017 Okay, time to start thinking about going to the track or participating in your first CCC-Car Control Clinic! We will be holding our first HPDE (High Performance Driving Education) and CCC-Car Control Clinic on May 12, 2017 at Pacific Raceways. […]

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Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets Online Logo

Special Deal for First Time HPDE Participants: Speed Secrets PERFORMANCE DRIVING 101

HPDE Participants! Here is your chance to learn from the best! Welcome to Puget Sound BMW CCA and our HPDE driving school at Pacific Raceways. I’m Steve Libby Driving Events Coordinator, and your classroom instructor during the driving school. Our first event of the year will be on May 12, 2017! For those of you […]

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BMW Centennial Books

By David Lightfoot It is sad to see that there aren’t many books published any longer about BMW. The trends for ink-on-paper remain grim but BMW’s centennial year gave us the gift of a number of books to celebrate 100 years of BMW. We were fortunate to see so many fine volumes appear in 2016, […]

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PRO3 Line, Q2 2017

by Jim Cissell and Bill Eckert Race season is almost upon us. If you’re reading this, you probably have some interest in the Ultimate use of these machines—RACING! If you’ve already done driver education classes–Car Control Clinic (CCC) or High Performance Driving Events (HPDE)–you know the thrill and pleasure that pushing your car can bring. […]

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