Club SIG Policy

BMW CCA Puget Sound Region
Special Interest Group Policy

Approved April 2002

  • SIG must be devoted to a particular BMW auto-related interest.
  • SIG must have a liaison to the Board so that there is a means of communication.
    • For event proposals, the liaison must attend the Board meetings leading up to and immediately after the event
    • The liaison must be a member in good standing of the chapter.
  • Definition of BMW CCA, PSR involvement and co-sponsorship:
    • “Involved” is defined as financial support or providing of insurance.
    • Involvement means we will be a co-sponsor.
    • Mere event promotion does not constitute “involvement” or co-sponsorship.
  • The conditions for our involvement/co-sponsorship include:
    • Specific approval of involvement in the event by the Board.
    • Promotions must mention BMW CCA, PSR as the co-sponsor.
    • SIG must be officially supportive of BMW CCA.
  • The Board will not co-sponsor an event by a SIG that is hostile to the chapter or BMW CCA.
  • It is preferable, but not essential, that membership in CCA is encouraged by the SIG.
    • The Board would prefer a written proposal, presented in person by the SIG liaison, to include:
      • The place, date, time.
      • Description of the event.
      • The number expected to attend.
      • The financial arrangements.
      • Who will be managing the event.
      • What the SIG is asking from BMW CCA, PSR.
  • We do not need (or want) “control” as long as our other concerns are met:
    • Financial commitment is limited.
    • Liability exposure is controlled.
    • Image/reputation of the Club is not likely to be tarnished.
    • The cost/benefit test for our membership is met.
    • No one involved is getting a personal financial benefit.
  • If BMW CCA, PSR is not involved, then use of the chapter name is not permitted.
  • Event management should be by the SIG.
    • As stated above, we do not want or need control.
    • The event should be run by the SIG.
    • Event chairperson in a co-sponsored event must be a chapter member.